David James Gonzalez


     David is a leader and a team builder. He truly understands all the intricacies of running multiple organizations. He has the ability to multi task and excels at handling internal accounting, quality, inventory, customer service, distribution as well as be an effective leader to increase productivity and great company morale.

Richard Pawlak

inv 24Removeable Department Manager

     Richard is the removable department manager, with over 14 years experience. Richard has a great passion for creating the perfect denture. With vast knowledge in the denture field, Richard is dedicated to pleasing both dentists and patients alike.

Clarence Rottkamp


Framework department Manager

      Clarence has been servicing the dental lab industry for over 40 years. . Clarence started his own removable framework lab 30 years ago in Long Island, NY. Clarence success in the framework industry went beyond the Long Island territory.

John Campoli

John Campoli

Crown & Bridge Manager

CAD/CAM specialist

      During his 21 year career, John has mastered all aspects of the gold, and Cad/Cam departments and prides himself on his passion for implant work. John worked diligently to advance his skill set and hone in on his expertise with technology and new techniques in the industry.