Crown & Bridge

   Our crown and bridge department is a seamless blend of state of the art technology, combined with the craftsmanship of accomplished technicians. We are a full service laboratory that specializes in dental implants and milled restorations. Our mission is to provide our clients with dedicated customer support, quality service you can depend on, and competitive pricing.

   We invest in the most current, state of the art technology on the market in order to provide you with the most advanced products.

   Our Dental Creators Venture 5 axis open architecture structure (the first milling unit in the US developed in Italy) allows us to obtain STL files from the leading scanner manufacturers including, but not limited to Planscan, 3Shape, and 3M. In addition to this sophisticated milling machine, we also utilize our VHF S1 milling unit, an extremely powerful and precise piece of equipment.

   Our open machine scanner with CAD software allows us to design copings, full-contour anatomical wax-ups, and implants abutments for most major implant systems in the industry.

   InnoDDS is one of forty labs endorsed by Henry Schein. We have a team of professionals at your disposal to guide you towards the most ideal scanner for your practice. We are then able to receive your scans and produce work faster, and of higher quality than ever before. Upon the purchase of your scanner, you will receive ten percent off your monthly lab bill, as well as ten dollars off each restoration sent scanned. As an added service we offer assistance with financing needs.

   We strive to constantly bring the most innovative products to the market; one exciting development being the Zirconia Screw-Retained Innobridge. InnoDDS is one of very few labs capable of producing this product. The InnoBridge is an upgrade for those patients who have an existing “All on Four.” From our experience, this has proven to be an excellent solution for patients and provides practices with a revenue booster. This product has become a strong and predictable restoration for the full arch. With the advent of CAD/CAM technologies in the dental lab, we can now fabricate with the same exact precision as we do with milled titanium bars. The CAD/CAM zirconia full contour screw retained bridge doesn’t only fit implants with amazing accuracy, but creates a strong life-like restoration that the patient cannot remove, and it does not need maintenance. Your patients will love the new, no maintenance Zirconia Screw retained InnoBridge.

   At InnoDDS our technicians work hand in hand with our clients and their staff. With open communication we are able to work as a team to ensure each unit is of the highest quality. The world of dentistry is constantly evolving with new technology, procedures, and possibilities. InnoDDS is here as your partner to ensure you, the doctor, and the laboratory find these advancements in the industry mutually beneficial.






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