flase1Doctors turn to InnoDDS Dental Lab not only for our personal and dependable service, but also for our quality of work. We pay attention to details, which minimizes chair side time, and prevents remakes resulting in the loss of patient's and doctor's time.

The removable department of InnoDDS is a trusted partner with countless practices around the country for fixed and removable restorations. Our lab has mastered the science of producing top-notch products. We are proud members of the National association of dental labs, as well as certified in the following: FRS, Myerson, and Laser Star.

At InnoDDS we pride ourselves on providing our partners with consistency, which is precisely why we implemented our PTC training program. In our research we have collected countless reviews from doctors who have utilized laboratories other than InnoDDS and struggled with a lack of reliability.

Upon completion of each step of every restoration, the product is thoroughly reviewed prior to reaching the shipping and receiving department. The finished products are inspected by our technicians who specialize in quality control. These technicians verify aesthetics and functionality are of the highest quality. This ensures each product is indicative of the caliber of work doctors expect from InnoDDS. This is yet another step our laboratory has taken to ensure quality control remains a main focus.

InnoDDS is committed to excellence. We use only name brand materials to ensure top quality. Our dentures are created through an injection process which ensures density and flexibility. We also use cutting edge methods to process our dentures- we don’t simply “cut corners.”   We have developed a strategic procedure which allows doctors and patients the opportunity to verify the product is being completed as desired. At the try in stage you will receive a wax up replica of what your patient will receive as their final product. This gives you and your patient confidence of the anatomy and natural esthetics, thus there are no unexpected surprises in the end result.

We view ourselves and clients as partners rather than just a business relationship. Upon delivery of our product, should a local provider require chair side assistance our technicians are readily available. This service reduces chair side time and ensures patient satisfaction. In order to cater to our out of state clients we provide live customer support throughout business hours, in which our team of office staff and technicians are easily accessible to assist you at your convenience. This combination of dedicated technicians, state of the art technology, and advanced processing methods result in a truly unparalleled product.